At Preferred Hearing Center, we use a comprehensive approach to provide individualized hearing solutions. We offer a variety of services that thoroughly identify and treat hearing health-related challenges as well as provide ongoing support on your hearing loss journey. Karen Glickman, our audiologist, utilizes the latest technologies and their extensive experience to practice quality care. We strive to transform hearing health so that our patients can live their best lives.

Hearing Tests

Thoroughly examining hearing health is essential to identifying hearing loss, needs, and the best course of treatment. Karen takes the time to comprehensively assess your hearing capacities in each ear. This process starts with a consultation where we discuss your symptoms, hearing health history, concerns, and expectations as well as goals for treatment. This is followed by testing your hearing which can involve a few different types of hearing tests.

A common test we use is known as pure tone audiometry testing. This involves wearing headphones as sound is played at different frequencies. Guided by Karen, you will be asked to indicate what you can hear by raising your hand or pressing a button. Another type of test which is similar involves doing the same thing but with speech that is audibly communicated rather than sounds. Known as speech testing, this will assess the speech you can hear in both quiet and noisy environments.

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Hearing Aid Consultations & Fittings

Following your hearing test, Karen will review your test results to determine whether hearing aids would be recommended as the next step. The audiogram, a visual representation of your hearing abilities, is a graph that displays at various pitches or frequencies the softest sounds that a person can hear. The closer the marks are to the top of the graph, the softer the sounds people can hear. The various degrees of hearing loss are shown where the patient's results fall on the audiogram.

If the findings do not mean anything to you at first, don't worry! Karen will go through your results with you. If a hearing loss is detected, she will provide you with treatment options best suited to your needs. Our primary focus is to ensure that you will hear at your best. As an independently-owned hearing practice, Karen will recommend the best devices for our specific hearing needs.

Additionally, we also offer pediatric audiology services. Treating hearing loss will encourage your child to grow up without having to face developmental delays so that they can be happy and safe, achieve their goals, and lead positive and fulfilling lives. We assess the existence and extent of hearing impairment through our hearing tests and recommend treatments that will allow your child to continue to grow and develop naturally.

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Custom Ear Molds

Custom earmolds and earplugs are specially crafted to fit the specific contour of your ear canal and are a critical piece for hearing aid users. Custom ear molds are an important component of your hearing aids and ensure a natural listening experience. Certain hearing aid models require custom ear molds and these work best when they fit your exact ear profile. Custom earmolds and earplugs are specially crafted to fit the specific contour of your ear canal and are a critical piece for hearing aid users.

Our custom ear molds can be tailored to the precise shape of your ear. Designed for regular wear and tear, our custom-fit ear molds can be tailored to the precise shape of your ear. For even the most active of people, we recommend custom ear molds to achieve a comfortable, stable fit to guarantee they will stay secure!

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids quickly become essential to navigating daily life. These durable devices are designed to last for several years. But similar to most items we regularly use, hearing aids can be impacted by the effects of being worn daily in all types of environments. It is common to need repair work over time. We understand that your hearing aids not performing optimally can interfere with communication, spending time with others, and enjoying a range of activities.

That’s why our practice offers in-house repairs which allow us to conveniently and promptly attend to your hearing aid. Common repairs include replacing tubing, thoroughly cleaning the device to address clogged components, and fixing the battery compartment door.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Our practice also offers custom hearing protection. Continuing to protect your hearing, whether you have been diagnosed with hearing loss or not, is important. Everyday noise exposure can take a toll on hearing, contributing to the development of noise-induced hearing loss. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 billion people globally are facing an increased risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss as a result of noise exposure from electronic devices as well as in social settings.

One of the most effective ways to protect your hearing health from excessive noise exposure is by wearing hearing protection. This can include headphones, earmuffs, earbuds, etc. which offer a protective barrier for the ears. Custom hearing protection provides the maximum amount of protection because it ensures a perfect, individualized fit for your ears. Our practice provides this type of hearing protection which is a key way of preventing further hearing loss.

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Earwax Removal

Whether you have excessive earwax production or simply need earwax removal to ensure your devices stay clean, we are here to help! Earwax impaction is one common cause of conductive hearing loss. At Preferred Hearing Center, we provide safe and efficient earwax removal services, using the advanced Nupur Technologies Earigator Cerumen Management System. Contact us to learn more about our earwax removal services.

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Assistive Listening Devices

In addition to providing hearing aids, we are committed to increasing access to the range of hearing technologies that are available to you. This includes assistive listening devices (ALDs) which are technologies that amplify sound in both public and private settings. These technologies are often compatible with hearing aids, offering increased support. Examples of ALDs include amplified phones, hearing loops, directional microphones, and TV accessories. These technologies are designed to enhance hearing during everyday activities like watching TV or talking on the phone. Our experts will discuss these options with you and help you identify what would be best considering your lifestyle factors and hearing needs.

Our practice is committed to helping our patients live the life they want to live. Our services focus on identifying your specific hearing health needs and the best way to meet those needs. We are also invested in providing ongoing support and care to ensure that your hearing health continues to improve. We look forward to helping you prioritize your hearing health and wellness, contact us to get started today.

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