The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Communication is an essential way we experience and navigate daily life. From spending time with others to having conversations at work, and talking on the phone; hearing is a critical sensory input that helps us engage in this wide range of activities.

When hearing is impaired, it has multifaceted effects that impact health and wellness in a myriad of ways. Hearing loss strains communication which often takes a toll on relationships, social life, and health.

Fortunately, with the innovative hearing technologies that are available today, there are effective ways that hearing loss is treated. Treating hearing loss can drastically change your life in significant ways. Not only does treatment improve hearing health, but it offers countless benefits that support people living active and more satisfying lives.

Communication Benefits

The most common way hearing loss is treated is with hearing aids. These are electronic devices that are prescribed by a hearing healthcare specialist. Hearing aids help amplify and process sounds which provides the ears and brain with significant support. This alleviates hearing loss symptoms and increases one’s capacity to hear.  Hearing aids make it easier to hear and readily respond during conversations which creates the conditions for effective communication. Communication is essential for sustaining healthy relationships so being able to engage with others seamlessly improves the connection in important ways.

People often report experiencing difficulties in their relationship with their loved ones with hearing loss. Specifically that they feel ignored or unheard by their loved ones with impaired hearing. This can lead to distance and frustration which affects the relationship. In a 2009 study,  44% of people reported their hearing loss had a negative impact on their relationships, and 34% reported that the breakdown was significant enough that it led to the complete loss of the relationship. Treatment addresses this by transforming hearing and communication. Being able to have easeful conversations and spend quality time with others supports closeness and intimacy which improves relationships.

Social Benefits

One major outcome of untreated hearing loss is social withdrawal. Conversations often become taxing as the brain has to work harder to hear and process sound. This often contributes to people avoiding conversations as much as possible. Social withdrawal results in spending less time with family and friends as well as not engaging in activities or hobbies as much. Not only does this impact relationships but it can deteriorate social life, an important facet of life.

Treating hearing loss creates a greater capacity to hear and engage in conversations. Hearing aids also offer a range of features that deliver sharp sound quality and minimize background noise which is especially useful in more active environments, like social settings. This type of support helps people navigate social settings, conversations, and activities more comfortably. People can be more present and easefully spend time with others. This enriches social engagement and supports an active social life.

Health Benefits

Treating hearing loss also improves health in numerous ways. Extensive research shows that untreated hearing loss increases health risks. Studies show that untreated hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline, accidental injuries, and depressive symptoms. A 2019 study showed that people with severe hearing loss were more than twice as likely to experience cognitive decline. Treatment alleviates this risk by providing the ears and brain with ample hearing support. This supports specific areas of the brain that are responsible for speech and language comprehension. Cognitive functions and neural networks are strengthened by the use of hearing aids which decreases the risk of cognitive decline and improves overall brain health. 

Additionally, hearing aids increase spatial awareness and safety which is particularly useful for people with hearing loss. A 2012 study found that people with hearing loss were 3 times more likely to have a history of falling. Hearing aids allow people to hear more of what is happening in their environment and to be in tune with potential hazards and warning signs. This increases safety and reduces the risk of experiencing falls as well as injuries. Treatment also boosts wellness in major ways. By strengthening communication, relationships and social engagement is improved. This cultivates confidence, connection, and a sense of self which alleviates depressive symptoms and improves mental health and wellness.

These are among the numerous life-changing benefits that hearing loss treatment offer! The first step you can take towards unlocking these benefits is scheduling an appointment for a hearing consultation.

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